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Hinternal regulations(Last updated: June 26, 2021)


These regulations have been drawn up to guarantee safety, peace, order and hygiene in the skating rink, so that every visitor can enjoy a pleasant stay at Skateworld. The regulations apply to all visitors regardless of whether or not the visit takes place during public hours. By purchasing a ticket or multi-event ticket, you agree to follow all instructions and regulations described in the regulations, including all verbal instructions and guidelines communicated to you during your visit by Skateworld's supervisory staff.

  • The ice rink is only accessible to the public during the established opening hours as published on Skateworld reserves the right to change these hours without giving reasons and without any prior notice.

  • Only the rates as published on are valid.

  • Children under the age of 12, not accompanied by a responsible supervisor, may be refused entry.

  • Every group, association or school that uses Skateworld must be accompanied by a responsible supervisor. This supervisor ensures good order and compliance with the rules and regulations. The person responsible will remain on site until after the activities.

  • Entry will not be granted to people who show signs of intoxication or whose behavior is offensive.

  • Persons who could damage the good name of Skateworld through their attitude and/or language will be asked to leave immediately without the right to a refund or any compensation.

  • It is forbidden:

    • Smoking allowed throughout the building.

    • Bring alcoholic drinks.

    • To go to places and premises that are not accessible to the public.

    • Drinks or meals to be consumed in the building, with the exception of products purchased from Skateworld.

    • Entering the ice rink without skates.

    • Disrupt good order by hindering, pushing or causing other skaters to fall.

    • Enter the ice rink with any object that could potentially endanger yourself or other users.

    • Play games or skate hand in hand with more than 2 people.

    • Sit on the fence or stand on the benches with skates.

    • Enter the designated area of the ice rink. Skateworld reserves the right to demarcate a section of the ice rink during public skating for skating lessons led by monitors, in collaboration with the house clubs.

  • Compensation can be claimed for damage caused to buildings, materials or equipment.

  • For safety reasons, it is recommended to wear gloves while skating.

  • The public is only allowed in the stands or in places designated by Skateworld staff. The public is obliged to follow the instructions of the Skateworld staff.

  • In the event of an accident, Skateworld staff must be notified immediately.

  • When renting skates, you are obliged to pledge your own shoes for the duration of the loan.

  • At the end of the skating session, the ice rink must be left immediately.

  • Waste must be thrown into the appropriate waste bins.

  • Skateworld is not responsible for any accidents, theft or loss of and damage to equipment belonging to the user.

  • In the event of any damage caused by the user to the buildings, contents or materials of Skateworld or in the event of injury to staff, fellow users or third parties, Skateworld may claim compensation. If the individual person responsible cannot be identified, the person responsible for the group/school/club will be held liable.

  • In the event of vandalism or misconduct, access to Skateworld may be denied for a specific or indefinite period of time.

  • Every visitor is expected to know the regulations.

  • In case of violation of the regulations, the following sanctions may be imposed:

    • Immediate removal from Skateworld.

    • Temporary denial of access to Skateworld.

    • Permanent denial of access to Skateworld.

    • Calling the police.

The sanctions are taken by the management of Skateworld. The reporting authority, competent for the territory of Leuven, will be involved if necessary.

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