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Celebrate the best (birthday) party with all your friends at Skateworld! You don't have to have a birthday to organize a party with us, any reason to celebrate is good enough.

The parties at Skateworld are legendary! You can enjoy skating and there is a drink and a tasty snack for everyone.

To order a cake, send a separate email with your question and reservation number


This formula includes:

  • Access to the skating rink

  • Renting the skates

  • 1 snack (Pancake, Brussels Waffle or Fries with a sauce of your choice.

  • 2 drinks


€17.00 per person

You can also order a Cake, a tart or a cake from us in addition to the formula.

  • Cake (Natural, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Marble, Chocolate)

  • Cake (4 people) €10

  • Cake (8 people) €20

  • Cake (6 People) €25 (Open Cherry (Whipped Cream), Banana, Brazilian, Smurf Cake, Spider Cake

  • Cake (6 People) 30€ (Raspberry, Chocomousse Flambe)

  • Custom Cake (8€ / Person must be ordered 2 weeks in advance) (Fruit Base or Butter Cream with (Mocha, Vanilla or Chocolate)

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