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Learn to skate

The Start 2 Skate program is for everyone who wants to learn to skate (better). Both for children and adults.

Start 2 Skate: € 13.00 per lesson.
All materials and admission are included in the price for children.

Skate rental for adults is not included in the price
Children's schedules differ from those for adults.


Learning to skate for children:

Starting, stopping, falling and getting up, your child will learn it all in our Start 2 Skate lessons. There's nothing like sliding across the ice or racing around the ice rink. No matter how old you are, ice skating is sure to put a smile on your face.


Learn to skate for adults:

You're never too old to learn! 

You want to learn to skate, but you think you might be too old to start? Don't hesitate, you can start skating at any age and enjoy skating.

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